From October, 1986 to September, 1988.

   I took a singer-songwriter course at MICA MUSIC LABORATORY in Tokyo,

  song writing, home recording with drum machines, hard sequencer, midi sound sources,in 4trucks cassette MTR.


1990 and 1991

  I participated in FM Okinawa AXIA MUSIC AUDITION two years in a row.

  And then I went into hiding and work secretly deeply … zzzzz.


July, 2011

  I woke up and took a DTM course at Sakurazaka People's Colledge in the Sakurazaka Theater in NAHA Okinawa ,from July 2011 to October 2012.

  When those were hard equipments, enormous sound sources, effectors, a mixer (automation possibility) and others, maybe occupy one room.I was dumfounded by such a function being possible with one note PC. My openmouthedness state continued for a while.


November, 2013

  I produced CD "KAGIYADE BEAT!" independently in November 2013.


September, 2014

 "KAGIYADE BEAT!" was adopted to one piece of the sound source of 16 sets of

 Music from Okinawa2014(WOMEX2014 exhibition). Thank you very much.


☆CD"KAGIYADE BEAT!"Music introduction message

 1. KAGIYADE BEAT! (5:03)

  I composed this song which featured the theme of "KAGIYADEFU".

  originally said to be the another name"KAJADHIFU".

 "KAJADHIFU" was sung in front of the Ryukyu king, that is always sung first in five    music pieces of "GUJINFU"(御前風 dear style).

 It is the musical piece of the Ryukyu classical music, and this is one of the Ryukyu dancing.

  Now the custom comes generally and basic dance music of the beginning of a celebration party that anyone, citizens of Okinawa hears in the happy spot including a wedding ceremony.

  I interpreted a view of the world of the original music in a modern type,

and the text made some mishearing English and did it for a double meaning.

  The main Vocal sound source is the IA-ARIA ON THE PLANETES™ (VOCALOID).

  So Okinawan respectable eternal sounds fuse for a modern beats(rhythm).



  It is the love song that I made in the late 80's, leave the hometown, longing for the okinawa islands,but wants to sing such a song again and remade, simply because it is the present times I thought of beautiful islands, nature, life, love & peace.


3. SOUTH WEST ISLANDS (Floor Mix Version) (5:00)

  All Computer Music & MIX.


                                                       All tracks: Music & Lyrics & arrangement & Mix by NOBORO SAKURAZAKA

月ぬ美しゃ -feat.IA-



 ~Our Islands~ feat.IA





WOMEX        (ワールドミュージックエキスポ)